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Even though Armenia’s claim of fame is not coffee cultivation, Armenians are famous for their love of the drink.  Some even claim that for the first-time coffee was brought to Paris by an Armenian named Pascal in 1710. In Armenia people have been drinking coffee for many centuries.

To an Armenian family, a steaming, tiny, cup of coffee marks the beginning of every morning and the end of every meal, and is similar to the oriental coffee found in Turkey, Greece and the Middle East, usually served with a delicious assortment of sweet pastries and cakes including gata and Pakhlava.


According to folklore, when you visited friends and relatives, it was the custom to be served Surj (Armenian Coffee.)


It was the duty of the young girl in the house to prepare the coffee for all occasions.  Traditionally, the girl who could not make a pot of coffee with a good foaming head on it was not worthy of a good husband.


Armenian coffee is dark, rich, potent.  Almost all Armenians don’t like drinking coffee with cream and use very little sugar.  They drink their coffee in special cups called” pinja.”

The coffee is made in special red silver pots, because it makes it even tastier, especially when prepared over coal.  Some believe that coffee will be even tastier if you make it on hot sand, a practice of few cafes in Yerevan.


Having a cup of coffee isn’t always just having a cup of coffee but rather to have pleasant chat that leads to wondering about what will happen in the future.  This in the end will brings on to fortune telling by reading the coffee grounds after turning over the cups.


According to tradition, to read coffee grounds, you turn your coffee cup over from the side opposite to the one you were drinking from.  You then turn the cup over from three sides to get interesting images.  The most desirable and awaited images are balls that symbolize present in the future.


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