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November 2019

Eman Mukhalalaty

I am a Jordanian Canadian artist who started painting since childhood. I studied Arts in LA, California and Journalism in Amman, Jordan, and worked in different fields of business.


I had always felt, throughout my working life, that something was missing. Looking deeper, I found myself again... through painting.

Today, I am a professional artist having found freedom and redemption in painting which helped surface my inner “free soul”. Emotions, expressions, and messages are quite apparent in my artwork.





Artist of the mystical, the emotional and the spiritual.  Born in Amman; studied literature, arts and tourism in Jordan, Austria & France.  Rana is based in Amman and so much of what she does is inspired by, a love letter to, the city and society she grew up in.  Her oeuvres are emblems of emotional states that are reified into the substance of the world around us.  She published a book “Letters of Gold; state of the Spirit,” a map of the heart, her inspirations, her artistic vision.  She had several exhibits in Jordan and abroad.

She has a bespoke company” House of Culture” that aims at promoting are, culture, crafts and tourism.


September 2019

Luma Amarin

I am a Jordanian graphic designer who started off painting as a hobby, I was intrigued by it as I found it calming and therapeutic. Eventually, I decided to pursue it professionally. My emotions and achievements manifest in my artworks; I use it as a mean to showcase my goals and personal achievements. Through my art I implement various techniques, tools and colors in order to showcase the abstract movement. After painting more artworks the feedback I got from my family made me more determined to push myself and fulfill this passion and strive for success in my art. I also aspire to join more prestigious people exhibitions in the future just like this one.


August 2019

Raja’a Al Mukahal

Jordanian artist persuaded her art career in 2007. She studied different styles paintings, earthenware, Mosaic, graphics, art history and aesthetics, but she flourished her own style through the years. She has participated in many activities and took courses to improve her artwork. She became an active member of Jordanian Plastic Artists Association in Amman and Artist of Al-Balqa. She is the chair member in the field of Media in Al-Balqa since 2009.

Through her unique work and the usage of natural resources, layers of colors and usage of brush strokes of her finger she gives a positive vibes to the viewer. She held six solo exhibition and 26 group exhibitions.

July 2019

Tala Abunuwar

After a successful career as a marketing executive in telecom for 18 years and raising 4 children from ages 15 to 1, Tala had a spiritual awakening that it was time to leave the corporate world and make a new type of impact-no matter how small-by following her intuition and her passion, for mixing art with Islamic mysticiism, Rumi’s wisdom, Arabic poetry & yoga philosophy.


She and her family made the decision to move back to Amman to live more from a place of belonging, purpose and uninhibited creativity.


Her work  - mainly layered, movable pieces using raw Arabic calligraphy and eclectic materials like wood, acrylic, glass, mirrors and fabric- each tell a unique story of spiritual enlightement and Oneness and her desire to share it with those around her.

April 2019

Hadi Khaza

Jordanian artist lives in Al Ramtha, painting and drawing became an essential part of my life.

My work mainly focuses on Arabic Calligraphy and collage; I enjoy putting my thoughts, feelings, and ideas into my artwork. Art always has been a major interest of mine for years and an approach to merge art and life through painting. I have started drawing from a very young age and it has become an essential part of my life.




MARCH 2019

Hani Khaza’leh

Jordanian born artist graduated from Yarmouk University. My art is inspired from the Jordanian culture. I use raw concepts & materials to define the rules of each new piece.  I am the founding member of a number of cultural and artistic boards in the city of Ramtha that is currently full of artistic work.


All paintings by Hani Khaza’leh at Blue Fig are for sale from 1 – 31 March 2019.


February 2019

The Orenda Tribe

The Orenda Tribe is a value based brand with the vision of empowering youth to make positive change in their own communities through art.


The artwork exhibited in Blue Fig is the outcome of an art workshop that The Orenda Tribe ran with Children at the SOS Jordan (a federation working to protect and care for children who have lost parental care, or who stand at risk of losing it) on the topic of future dreams and hopes.


Nine young artists participated in the workshop from SOS Amman, Irbid and Aqaba and from ages 11 to 16 years old.


The money generated from the sales of these paintings will go straight to the artists through the SOS.


Learn more




Rana Totah

A Jordanian artist who has passion for bold vibrant colors and fabrics, which led her to study fashion design and worked in the garment industry for many years, and finally settled on painting using Acrylic Medium.  Rana has been painting for more than 15 years as a hobby. but dedicated more time for her art in the past 5 years. Most of her paintings were gifted or were done for personal enjoyment, this is Rana’s first exhibition




Yasmin Alhaddad

Her projects often explore the notion of duality and is inspired by nature, politics, the urban and the poetic; She extends herself through artistry and has a long-standing fascination with detail.

Dana is a process driven artist, she uses raw concepts to define the rules of each new piece.


Her projects involve the mixing of alternative material that are highly experimental and constantly evolving. she works with ink, coffee, thread, newspaper, paint, gold leaf and collage to handcraft her pieces of work.


Her new collection is inspired by the historical photographs of Palestine around the 1930's.


August 2018


 y discovered passion coupled with true talent kicked off their journey into the world of photography and their recently established gallery where you can experience first-hand the beauty simple photography can present.


All photography by ALI & RAMA at Blue Fig are for sale from 1 – 31 August 2018.


March 2018

Sara Bdeir


Everywhere I look I see colors. Whether the colors are actually there or not is irrelevant, for my mind creates them for me. Being a Synesthete, I see colors in my mind’s eye constantly; when looking at people, objects, numbers, letters or words; when hearing voices, sounds or music, and when thinking of the time of day, the day of the week, or the month of the year. This phenomenon has led my life through a path that revolves around art, creation and individuality.


The colors I see through Synesthesia illuminate my passion for creation, from the making of artwork as a hobby to coming up with design solutions in my career as an Industrial Designer. I graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in 2015 with a BFA in Industrial Design. Since then I have started my career as an Industrial Design consultant and have completed work with 25+ clients around the world.


When it comes to art, I use it as a form of expression that allows me to show people my own unique perception of the world, be it through abstract paintings that ignite emotion in the viewer, or through funny caricatures that show viewers how similar we all are to each other.


February 2018

Sima Bustami

Sima Bustami is a Jordanian born artist who graduated from Concordia University in Montreal with a BFA in Painting and Drawing, as well as completing a certificate in Video Production.


Working with various mediums, she effectively communicates the subtle inner worlds of human existence and the ambiguous yet shared experiences of contemporary life. Her figurative work has an emotive quality to it which forces the viewers to dig deep within and confront  their own inner realities and fragility.




Honestly, I'm one of those designers who doesn't always have the right words to what to say when people ask them what they do! I'm simply a person that loves to do... to envision, to design, to create and to achieve. What can I say more... I enjoy creating concepts out of dreams and make them alive through design, 3D, animation or any other tool that can help throughout the process of creation of the product, whether it is a game or a website, an entire brand eco-system or a simple creative logo. I know that I am passionate about creativity and design and it fuels my perpetual obsessiveness. Design simply puts me in my natural element.


Soul in a Thread

Between life and death, we live within frames of what is acceptable and what's not, allowed and desired, and forbidden & shameful, where incidents put the mirror to reveal the lives we are immersed in and reside inside of us.


Soul in a Thread, 50 drawings that reflect different life emotions, that we struggle, accept and absent from, leaving us with the question, are you what you are not?.


Shereen Al Ouran

Jordanian Born in 1975, Al Ouran obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Architecture at The Univerisyt of Jordan. Spending the past 15 years as a Diplomat’s wife, she lived in various countries such as Morocco, Kuwait, Germany and Jordan and has accumulated each country’s culture.


She followed her life-long passion for art after studying Fine Arts in Morocco from 2003-2004. From then on she continued working on her art and joined different workshops and exhibitions. Al Ouran’s work mainly focuses on expressionism – she portrays her thoughts, feelings and ideas through the figures and colors in her work, putting in question stereotypes and conventions that surround us. The places she has lived in are clearly reflected in her work, while at the same time incorporating details from her origins through using the Arabic calligraphy and Jordanian Architecture.


Dalia Ali

Dalia Ali is a Jordanian Palestinian artist. She graduated from MIT in the USA with a Bachelor of Science in Art and Design and a Masters in Architecture. Her passion for art started at an early stage and her years in Boston exposed her to the guidance and work of many international artists. Regionally, she has participated in group and solo exhibitions in Amman, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Ramallah and Jerusalem. Through her collection, “I Dream of Jerusalem” Dalia aspires to connect with the city of Jerusalem. She explains that her present is intertwined with the stories that her parents and grandparents used to tell her about their childhoods in Palestine, the simple games they used to play at their doorsteps and the pleasure of walking in the shade of the olive trees and through the alleyways. Trying to reconnect with that part of her history, she reconstructed what she saw of the breathtaking landscape, the resistant symbolic olive trees, the intricate embroidery and the unique architecture into paintings which exude a scent of Palestine.


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